Learning should not be a Pain, it should be Fun,inspiring and ever lasting. You've learnt something, did not remember, not able to use it effeciently because you've not learnt it as it should be. Many of us are afraid of coding, sometimes we would be spellbound when we see other's code. A reason might be, you're not taught coding properly or you dont think like how a programmer thinks !

At BigData School, the programming is taught to you as if it's taught to kids. Making it easier for you to remember,recollect,think,apply and Crack. you dont really need to have any prior programming experience just enough if you've Basic computer literacy.

Literally its a Programming school for Non-Programmers !

I've been a trainer/teacher for more than 5years teaching various courses like Python,R, Django,Flask,Statistics,Machine Learning,PyDataStack, Apache Spark. In this span i've changed the syllabus more than 27 times making it Industry ready, trained more than ~1500 professionals ranging from Students,Developers,Architects,Analysts,Leads,School kids, Rural students(with no Comp Literacy) covering Corps like, GE, Genpact, Metlife-USA, HCL,amazon,Bank of America,Microsoft,US-UK-Germany students ..

I dont teach in any institutes & all my Trainings are completely Online !

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